Employment Incentive

To support Alberta’s economic recovery, WBF is providing an employment incentive for our employer partners. The program has been designed to support the employment of WBF graduates and alumni by providing up to $5,000 per new hire to cover the costs associated with the on-boarding of the graduate such as: PPE, training or salary.

In order to be eligible, employers must commit to employing a WBF graduate for a minimum of 3 months or 500 hours.


  • Step 1: Employers must complete the Employer of Choice assessment and achieve the required minimum score.
  • Step 2: Employers complete and submit the Employment Incentive Application for WBF’s review.
  • Step 3: Once the application is approved, the employer is eligible to hire a WBF graduate and will work with our Industry & Alumni Relations team for candidate recruitment.
  • Step 4: The employer must maintain the graduate placement for a 3-month (500 hour) period to qualify for the incentive.
  • Step 5: Following the 3-month (500 hour) commitment, the employer works with WBF’s Employment Incentive team for funding reimbursement.

Note: it is not mandatory for employers to become an Employer of Choice Member to access the Employment Incentive.


Are you a prospective employer and would like to learn more about the Employment Incentive or Employer of Choice assessment? Contact eoc@womenbuildingfutures.com and our advisor will help you through the process.

This program was made possible by funding from the Government of Alberta.