Our Mission
Our mission is to foster economic security for women facing barriers to entry in a workforce where they are traditionally underrepresented. 

WBF is a non-profit organization that was founded in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1998. Today, we offer training programs and support services across Alberta and are growing our impact in Saskatchewan and Ontario. We connect unemployed women and gender-diverse individuals as well as those working multiple jobs to make ends meet with higher-paying careers in trades, trucking and related fields.

We help remove common barriers to financial independence. These barriers include employment training, access to affordable housing, academic and personal readiness, access to affordable childcare and more.

Our Values
Integrity is built on respect and trust.

Health & Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Courage empowers our ingenuity, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Compassion nurtures inclusion, teamwork and service to others.

How does Employer of Choice fit in
WBF is committed to ensuring that all of our graduates and Alumni are employed in safe, equitable and inclusive workplaces. The Employer of Choice membership program was developed to establish our employer partners’ commitment to inclusion in the workplace and to the employment, safety and career progression of our graduates. 

For more information about WBF or the programs we offer, please visit our main website here